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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cherry Mobile Flare & Titan will have a software update!

The new software update consist of:
Cherry Mobile Flare 

  •  G-sensor, SMS (auto-rotate)
  •  support for FM Radio and others,
Cherry Mobile Titan:
  •  will be the upgraded to 5-point multi-touch support against the current 2-point support.

All you have to do is to show your receipt in your nearest Cherry Mobile Service Centers.

Cherry Mobile Flare new software update
Build number: TBW592241_8572_V000031
Change logs: G-sensor, Auto-rotate SMS, FM radio support and others

Cherry Mobile Titan new software update
Build number: Cherry_w500_ver9.0
Change logs: 5-point multi-touch support and others

Cherry Mobile Service Centers are located in key areas nationwide. Please follow this link: You may also contact Cherry Mobile Customer Solutions through these numbers: +632.5597386, +632.5597643 and +632.5479018.

1. Check first the build number of your smartphone (settings > about phone), if already updated with same version, no need to go to service centers.
2. Back-up your data. Cherry Mobile is not responsible for data loss (e.g 3rd party softwares, media files etc.) during the software update.

"As of now OTA (over-the-air) update is not yet ready (work in progress). OTA update would be ready early next year. Thanks for your continued support!" - Cherry Mobile

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